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What's Facetz.DCA?

Facetz.DCA - audience data science and practice.

DMP Facetz.DCA is our integrated platform for navigating various kinds of audience datasets, bespoke segmentation and rapid activation through relevant omnichannel communication.

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DMP Facetz.DCA

Facetz.DCA Quick Overview

Taxonomy overview

Full taxonomy is 1000+ facets strong. Request full version.

Facetz.DCA features and benefits

Breadth and depth of data

From demographics to intent and brand preference for most .RU users.

Agile onboarding

Plug relevant data into your platform of choice DSP/SSP withing days not months.

Cloud-based or on-premise

Start using "Platform As A Service", switch to fully isolated on-premise implementation if necessary.

Attractive pricing and terms

Facetz.DCA trades in your local currency at prices defined by added value and demand for data, not the forex speculations.

High-frequency, Low-latency

DMP Facetz.DCA is designed and developed to the highest standards of mission-critical real-time trading platforms.

Audience Verification

Facetz.DCA segments are regularly verified by authoritative organizations. Data privacy and leakage prevention systems have been approved by top banks' security experts.

Our clients

Facetz.DCA proudly cooperates with leading Russian and international banks, retailers, real estate developers etc.

HomeCredit Bank

"Data-Centric Alliance’s team is cutting edge in Big Data application development and deployment, DMP Facetz.DCA enables access to high-quality audience-based data at scale. Both advantages are extremely rare in Russia."

Evgeny Isupov

Big Data Lead, HomeCredit


"Facetz.DCA enables higher repeat sales to active loan users, better scoring for new loan intenders."

Ivan Zimin

e-business division, Alfa-Bank

Top news

DMP Facetz.DCA awarded eTrust Privacy Certificate.

DMP Facetz.DCA was built and developed with special attention to sensitive data isolation and privacy-compliance.

Our clients may rest assured that their 1st party data our DMP stores are PII-free, not pooled or shared with other clients. PrivacyTrust Certificate is another proof.

It appears that DMP Facetz.DCA was the first audience data management platform in receipt of this certificate in Russia.

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DMP Facetz.DCA live in DoubleClick.

Clients using DoubleClick Bid Manager can license Facetz.DCA demographics and behavioral segments to lift relevance and performance of their campaigns.

“We are delighted with this integration. Having worked with most global and local data providers in Russia we acknowledge that Facetz.DCA delivers excellent precision and coverage. The DBM facility will be of great use for our global clients that leverage DoubleClick DSP." - says Andrey Molev, MD @ Amnet Russia (Dentsu Aegis Network trading desk).

To make Facetz.DCA data segments available in your DBM account please apply below with your DBM Partner Id.

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Facetz.DCA data live in DoubleClick Bid Manager

Facetz.DCA: no PII.

We collect, process and aggregate anonymous non­personally identifiable information (non-PII). Possible exceptions may be related to contact forms used by our clients and prospects for information requests. Opt out from Facetz.DCA database at any time.

Privacy Policy

DMP Facetz.DCA eTrust Privacy Certificate

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Facetz.DCA integrations:

  • DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Spicy PSP

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